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We at Deur are taking

A small step to fight environmental issues due to Industrialization 


The dark side of
Urbanization and Industrialization



The Whole Ecosystem 
is affected

Many textile industries use chlorine-bound organic colorants that are carcinogenic. According to a case study reported in Tribune, on 7th April 2009, in a village near Bhatinda, Punjab, India, the farmers developed cancer as, due to the lack of canal water, they had to use toxic sludge from factories to irrigate their farms

Cancer causing effects

Harming whole food chains

Heavy metals are one of the major water pollutants that are persistent and non-biodegradable in nature. Intake of some toxic heavy metals by aquatic fauna can cause detrimental health problems in other animals and ultimately humans via the food chain.

Biological degradation

Another most prevalent chemical pollutant released by industry are phenolic compounds. They exhibit toxicity by inhibiting normal microbial function, thus affecting biological treatment processes.


Deur taking a step for reducing the risks of Industrial effluents

Introducing our Resource Recovery Plant

Using cutting edge technology, our product - Resource recovery plant basically takes in Industrial effluent and recovers all the useful material, chemicals and other substances in their purest form possible that makes them ready to reuse and the remaining water is clean, pure and just the way we borrowed it from mother Earth.
The traditional methods like the ETP and ZLD are costly since they are mandatory, provide no surety of complete treatment of the water and the filtered effluents are wasted.


Before Resource Recovery Plant

After Resource Recovery Plant


Upgrading to AI

Integrating AI and IOT with DEUR AI

We are currently also working on an AI and IOT based solution that will exponentially improve efficiency, reduce downtime and save the manual labor from all the hardships of working at an STP plant such as the extreme stench. 


Beyond Business

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Our Product

Our Product

Our Product

Resource Recovery plant

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Pitching in for a circular economy

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